Where Does Your Hope Come From?

A hope, in simple words, is something you want that you think you will get. People often place their hope in the things that make them feel valued or worthy.

Where do you place your hope? Where do you find your value?

Your job? Relationships? Looks?

Which of the following things do you tend to find your hope or value in? Click on the words you relate to below to read about the experience of someone who has placed their hope in something similar and to see how that has affected them.

love ethnicity family romance acceptance fun approval parents friends social media culture performance

Where you put your hope and where you find your value can influence your emotions, decisions and thoughts, so finding hope in things that last is important.

Are the things you place your hope in satisfying? What happens if those things change? Does your value as a person change? Do you lose hope?

We believe there is hope that lasts and that you are valuable. We want to help you on your journey to finding this hope that lasts.

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