My Story: How My Life Changed

“I forgot about God”

I Forgot About God (photo)

My name is Katja. I am 20 years old and I am student of math.

I believed in God my whole life. I would talk with Him and ask for help when I needed it. I felt that God was around me— I thought I was a happy and strong person.

But while I was in college, I met a guy and we started dating. He didn’t believe in God. He actually hated Him because his parents had forced him to go to church and make sacraments.

I told him that I was a Christian, but he wanted to change my mind. At first I defended faith in the Lord, but slowly I started to believe his words. I finally decided that I didn’t need God in my life.

I didn’t talk with God or pray anymore. I totally forgot about Him.

It was then that my life started going downhill.

I became angry. I lost respect toward myself and others. My relatives told me that I was a completely different person, that they didn’t know me anymore and didn’t know how to help me.

Almost a year after we started dating, I knew that our relationship was not healthy and was going to be over really soon. But I was afraid to end it.

In my desperation, I finally remembered God.

I asked Him for help by sending me something— maybe only courage to tell my boyfriend that we couldn’t be together.

Two weeks later, 2 beautiful and amazing girls, Niki and Joy, came to my campus. They started asking me about God and Jesus. After 2 hours of talking, I remembered that I had asked God for help and I thanked Him. After that, I knew that this was a sign to be who I wanted to be, and that I needed to take responsibility and talk with my boyfriend.

I wanted to have a better future with God.

Since then I have wanted to hear more and more about God and Jesus. I am so happy that God sent Jesus to earth and that He died for ours sins.

Even when I forget about God, my sins are still forgiven.

I still don’t know what kind of plan the Lord has for me. But I know that whatever I will do in the future He will be with me; I just need to trust Him.

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