Finding Peace

It’s human nature to pursue happiness by trying to rigorously work our way there. Here are stories of some who found true peace by doing just the opposite.

Seahawks’ Okung Describes His Faith Story

Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Russell Okung describes his faith journey. Russell changed from a man who was self-sufficient to one who trusted God for everything.

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Is money the key to heaven?

Amy Lee always assumed that rich people were more likely to go to heaven. When she learned the truth, it changed her life.

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I Gave Up Religion and Found Jesus

Marty Holman thought following all the rules would earn his salvation, but found himself in utter despair. He tried to ditch religion, but found he couldn’t ditch Jesus.

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Anxious Silence to Joyful Proclamation

“I would go to the bathrooms at school and have panic attacks, but no one would know...” One day, Kaitlin realized God provides a way out of paralyzing anxiety.

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Nothing Could Please Me

“On the outside, I looked perfect. But on the inside, I lived in a darkness I could not escape.”

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One Step From Eternity

Major Wes Bowers chooses to accept Jesus as his Savior in the midst of a routine helicopter flight gone sour.

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Safety and Storms

“I was disappointed to learn it was a Christian event.”

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Zack: Before the Injury

“The rest of my life – however short, however long – I know that I can rejoice daily…”

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Breaking Point

After growing up in a Christian home and losing her dad to cancer, Jessica understands the gospel in college when she reaches a breaking point.

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My Story: Ryan Lam

Ryan accepted Christ after an eye surgery helped him see his need for a Savior.

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My Story: Tim Burke

"I was going out that night trying to find the fulfillment for this achy, emptiness that I had inside."

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My Story: Blake

Former atheist Blake has found new life in Christ.

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My Story: Leslie Davis

"I have gone to church all my life. But, my view of God was different, says Leslie Davis whose life was changed through the influence of her friends and a thought provoking presentation of the Truth of Jesus Christ."

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My Story: Alli Hughes

One college freshman finds Christ as the answer to her life-and-death questions. And now she's giving the answer away.

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My Story: Kristen Sass

How a Texas Tech junior finds the best priority is God. "It was hard realizing that Christ needed to be first in my life instead of myself."

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I Wanted to Know What Was Out There

Georgina Miller grew up going to church, but stopped going because she was curious about the world. After she experienced its emptiness, she was open to the idea of placing her faith in Jesus.

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I Knew But I Didn't Understand

Theresa had grown up knowing about God, but had never chosen to know Him for herself. 50 years later, she made a decision.

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Looking for Business, Not Jesus

Ed Lee thought he could make money by networking with Christians. Instead, what Gary gives away for free changed Ed’s life.

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My Story: Andrea Westfall

Returning soldier battles post-traumatic stress disorder while continuing her search for God.

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One Night in a Hotel Room

Husband and father remembers becoming a Christian and shows how it affected his marriage.

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How I Went From "Obsessive-Explosive" to Peace

Business owner Kim Conner thought her good life and service made her a Christian. But a conversation in a coffee shop changed her mind – and eventually her anxiety.

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My Story: Andrew Emery

A search for answers leads one Indiana college sophomore to the Internet.

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My Story: Radvile Aleknaite

A search for purpose leads this 22-year old economics student to find meaning in Christ.

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A Commitment That Changed My Life

Susi Grzywa’s story of how Christ changed her life.

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Students Immerse Themselves on the Story of God

In 2011, a church in Melbourne, Australia partnered with Cru to hold an Immerse group in Thailand. One Thai student named Da, was interested in finding her place in the story. Through it, God transformed her life.

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My Story: Stephanie

“I didn’t realize Jesus had done those things for me.”

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