Forgiveness and Redemption

In Luke Chapter 7, Jesus explains that the more one is forgiven of, the more grateful they are. Here are stories of some who testify that to be true.

The Choice Between Jesus and Family

Ethiopian Tariku Fufa was kicked out of his house when he became a Christian. Here’s how God redeemed his life and family.

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Despite Loving Christian Parents, I Left the Faith

When I was about 15, I consciously and purposefully shut the door on God.


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A Porn Star Changed Her Life Through Christ

“If her life as a porn star could be changed completely then anyone can be changed.”

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I forgot about God

“I didn’t talk with God or pray anymore. I totally forgot about Him. It was then that my life started going downhill.”

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Out of the Depths

Melissa committed her life to Christ after a car accident that claimed the life of her friend.

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Relearning Love

One young woman learns to find her hope and love in Christ.

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When God Intervenes

Sharon Jaynes testimony of how Christ changed her life when she was a teenager.

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My Story: Anthony Pelloni

A cadet learns that he is forgiven because of what Christ has done for him, not by what he has done for Christ.

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I Felt Guilty for Keeping a Secret

"While held to secrecy from telling the truth about my friend's death, I found hope."

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I Didn't Want to Know God

After living a tough past, Nikki Breidegam longs for more. While on the beach in Panama City, Fla., she makes a decision that will change her forever.

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I Couldn't Forgive Myself

Teresa Keith of Edinburgh, Scotland, recalls the moment she discovered forgiveness.

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My Story: Attrace Chang

Attrace Chang knew Jesus died for her sins, but still didn’t really embrace her need for a Savior until God showed her how broken she really was.

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God's Plan for the Family

One couple's story of rebuilding their marriage in the Ukraine.

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My Story: Bryan Ingvaldson

"I wasn't quite sure how I could come to God. I thought I needed to clean myself up, so then I could accept Christ."

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