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Role 3: Introducing the Builder

Learn to approach evangelism as a spiritual journey. As a builder you will help people overcome the obstacles that are stopping them from knowing God. Part 4 out of 5.

Making Time for God Alone

Spend time alone with God to strengthen your relationship with Him.

Becoming a Mentor: Learning from Lynn Wood

When Lynn Wood became a Christian, her sister-in-law was excited. But who would mentor her?

Helping New Believers Grow

Six essential steps to start someone on the road toward Christian maturity.

Prayer, Care and Share

Learning ways to include evangelism in your daily life.

We Should Have Listened to the Ranger's Warning

A new believer’s faith is strengthened when prayer helps his group avoid an encounter with a bear.

How to Pray Through Spiritual Warfare

For Christians facing spiritual warfare, prayer can change the way you experience these moments and get through them.

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