My Story: How My Life Changed

Michael Jebaraj

Cru Staff Member: How I Became a Christian

Michael Jebaraj with Evangeline Vergo

While I was a first year student at Voorhees College, my father, a pastor, was instrumental in bringing the Cru team to my hometown for the first time. Our family was the only family they knew in Vellore, India.

That year I took a friend of mine to visit a Cru staff member. We went to his room and the staff member shared the Four Spiritual Laws booklet with us.

My father, who was a very committed pastor, would always share about the message of salvation, God's love and all of that. But it was the fourth law, that I had to personally ask Christ into my life by faith to know for sure that I am child of God, that struck me. The Four Spiritual Laws gave me an opportunity to do that.

Also, I had always pictured God as someone great, God Almighty, so huge. I would think, "He's so great, why in the world would God think about someone like me, so tiny, nowhere. Let alone have a personal plan for my life."

I learned that not only does God love me, but He has a wonderful plan for my life. I knew that if this great God, who I have heard so much about, if He has a plan for my life, than it would be a really great plan.

That day I recited the prayer at the end of the Four Spiritual Laws like any other prayer I prayed before. Then the staff member gave me a copy of the book How You Can Be Sure You Are a Christian.

The next day I went upstairs in my home and knelt as I read through the book. This time when I prayed, I wanted Christ to come into my life. When I came off my knees I knew I was a child of God.

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Michael is the director of affairs for South Asia. He leads 600 full-time trained staff and over 2,500 JESUS Film and administrative staff members. Michael became a staff member in 1979 and married Judith in 1988. They have three children: Jonathan Michael, Jeremy Michael and Grace Michael.

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