My Story: How My Life Changed

How to Satisfy Your Need For Acceptance

by Julia, with Ross McCall
My Story: Gillian

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My name is Julia, and I crave acceptance.

In high school, I always wanted to be liked. I went out of my way to get good grades, bake treats for the class and win approval.

I wanted people:

to appreciate me,

to turn to me for advice and

to need me in their lives.

My happiness came from feeling accepted. But no matter how much I was included, it was never enough. The idea that someone might keep wanting me around seemed impossible.

What Being Accepted Meant to Me

In college, my world changed drastically. I was no longer around a supportive family or friends. I moved away from what was familiar and into a new city with new people.

I joined an organization on campus called Student Life. I started going to church and became interested in exploring the Bible with new friends.

For the first time, I realized how much I craved acceptance. I began to understand that the motivations I had for helping others were actually coming from a deep longing to be understood and accepted for who I was.

I Found Acceptance Here

As I studied the Bible with my new friends, I discovered more about myself and more about a man called Jesus. I learned Jesus loves all of us no matter our race, our past, our secrets or our fears.

My change in perspective wasn’t instantaneous. In fact, it’s taken me a long time to believe that someone could accept me even though I mess up every day. But now I know that I don’t have to change to be accepted.

Life isn’t always easier as a follower of Jesus; I still get upset and hurt quite easily. And I still desire acceptance. But I no longer seek this approval from others, because I’ve already found it.

My name is Julia. I crave acceptance, and I’ve found it in Jesus.

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Where Do You Find Your Value?

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