My Story: How My Life Changed

I Wanted to Know What Was Out There

How my scientific curiosity led me to Jesus

Georgina Miller with Rich Atkinson

I went to church growing up because of my great-grandmother. When I went to Sunday school, they taught us the different values that we were supposed to take away from each lesson. I was active, but kept holding back.

I knew God was the Creator and the very reason for all of us being here. He had His son, Jesus come down and lead a humble human life, and He died and saved us from our sins. He didn't have to die, but He did because of His love for us.

Yet, along the way, I got caught up in what's out there. I stopped coming to church. I was finding reasons not to go.

Searching for Answers to My Questions

I was curious about what was out there. What was so bad about everything? Why didn't they want us to do it? I tried to find out.

I saw posters about Chocolate Thursday, sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ. They said, "Come, breathe, enjoy and experience this once in a lifetime thing."

They were going to give away chocolate after a talk on God, so [I thought] it must be really good. I picked up a brochure and went.

Realizing I Needed to Make a Change

When we arrived at the physiology lecture theatre on the Kingston campus of the University of the West Indies, they started a slideshow on "What's the Big Deal with Intelligent Design?" 

It was really well put-together; it wasn't boring.

After the presentation, Paul Gebel, a staff member with Faculty Commons, the faculty ministry of Campus Crusade, invited the 75 people in attendance to place their faith in Jesus Christ.

Paul was putting his prayer and invitation into the words I was feeling: the confusion, the hurt, the uncertainty.

I realized, This isn't working. I kept making stupid decisions, and it was not adding up at the end of the day.

I didn't want to be empty anymore. I wanted a fresh start.

Paul asked for those who wanted to accept Jesus to step up. I did because I needed something else in my life.

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Georgina is taking science classes at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. When not at school, she is back in her hometown of Montego Bay. Georgina loves to draw.

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