Kenya: 10 Years in High Schools

The high school ministry in Kenya helps other countries develop outreach.

Becky Thomton
img-kenya-schools-article Photos courtesy of Fred Abok

This summer the high school ministry in Kenya celebrated 10 years of ministry. They celebrated by spreading what they’d learned.

A team of Americans joined with staff members and students from Life Ministry, the name for Cru in Kenya. They spent a month doing ministry at high schools in Kenya, then split up and traveled to Uganda and Tanzania as well.

“Our objective has been to offer trainings and resources and equip the students with quality mentorship and build them to an all-round understanding of their walk with Christ,” says Fred Abok, director of the high school ministry in Kenya.

The teams visited many high schools in East Africa, giving school assemblies about good grades and dating and emphasizing the importance of a relationship with Christ.

“Most of the school principals were very happy as the program was so beneficial to the students and we prayed with them as they continued to offer leadership to the schools,” said Campus Life staff member J Maithya.

“The program was really great and of much benefit for us,” said Doreen, a house captain at Ndaragwa Girls secondary school. “We are going to use the notes on academic excellence in order to better our grades…it is very important to balance life and be developed holistically and so the session on life skills was just in time.”

In all my shortcomings, God used me anyway to reach out to the young people.—Benson Njagi

In eight different regions or countries, the teams explained the gospel to more than 42,000 people, and more than 9,000 indicated they had invited Christ into their lives.

Hildah Dalitsu is a Kenyan staff member who went with the team to Tanzania for almost two weeks. “One memory that will stick with me forever is when we were in Dar Es Salaam in one of the high schools, a group of girls came around me wanting to know more about Jesus,” she says. “This left me with the desire to reach out to people from other religions without any fear, knowing that they, too, have a desire to connect with our Lord.”                  

Staff member Benson Njagi is also grateful for the ministry opportunity. “I feel so privileged that even in all my shortcomings, God used me anyway to reach out to the young people,” he says. “It was so fulfilling in my heart as I shared the gospel to the students either to the whole school in the hall or small groups. I felt our vision achieved by seeing young people come to Christ.”

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