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Gospel-Centered Small Groups

Life-changing small group environments are less about how-tos and more about experiencing Jesus. They are not focused on building head knowledge but on changing hearts and minds. These communities not only equip their members for service but also expose sin and call people to adore Christ. Christ-centered communities transform lives from the inside out.

When the Unreached Becomes the One Reaching Out

Top executive, Todd, was once considered to be unreached. Now he helps the unreached around him find their way to Christ.

Igniting a Fire for God

While in college, nationally-renowned Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae Moore experienced life change at a national conference for young African Americans.

Why these women struggled to be Christians

Three girls explained to Julie they were “born-again Christians,” yet they confessed being a Christian was hard. They admitted they often fail morally. Julie then asked if they understood the role of the Holy Spirit. That's when it all changed.

Volleyball Carries the Gospel Past Persecution and Church Burnings

Three volleyball players compete at Nigerian Universities and find a wide open door for the gospel.

Village Sees JESUS for the First Time

A village in Madagascar watches the first film in their language and learns about the One they call Jesosy who is changing Madagascar.

Kenya: 10 Years in High Schools

The high school ministry in Kenya celebrates 10 years with evangelistic mission trips.

Inner City Orlando

Compelled by the gospel, we connect resources and volunteers to address issues of poverty through the urban Orlando/Central Florida Christian church.

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