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Tara Bready

Biography Tara Bready, Chief of Staff

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Use this 7-day content to explore what being a selfless leader truly looks means.

Social Media Representative Checklist

The first step in this journey is to identify someone who will be your social media representative. Here is a list of things for that person to do to start off as your representative.

Cru Leadership SLI Testimonials

Testimonials from Cru leadership about the Senior Leadership Initiative program.

SLI Coaches Testimonials

Testimonials from coaches of the Senior Leadership Initiative program.

SLI Participant Testimonials

Testimonials from participants of the Senior Leadership Initiative program.


Hear from Senior Leadership Initiative leaders and participants about how the program helped their ministries.

Senior Leadership Initiative (SLI)

SLI is a Leadership Development program that provides coaching, feedback, and stretch experiences in order to create real growth in participants’ lives.

The Leadership Model

What makes for a good, or even great, leader? Learn to identify the essential qualities of a godly leader from these biblical figures.

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