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What Are Spiritual Gifts?

Spiritual gifts are meant to help you walk in the will of God and serve the people around you. Learn where they come from and tips to help you use yours.

Prayer Guide: How to Pray for Our Country's Leaders

God calls us to pray for our leaders — that they would submit to His leadership for the sake of His will being done and for the advancement of His kingdom.

Steve Sellers

Biography of Steve Sellers, President of Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ International.

How to Plan and Lead Effective Prayer Meetings

The key to effective prayer meetings is intentional preparation. This guide will show you how to prepare for a spiritually rich time in community prayer.

Steve and Christy Sellers

Biography of Steve Sellers, President of Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ International.

Gwen Smith

Biography of Gwen Smith, Director of Oneness and Diversity

Lee Anne Sorgius

Biography of Lee Anne Sorgius, Director for Cru Resource Ministries

Bekele and Shewaye Shanko

Biography of Bekele Shanko, Vice-President of Global Church-Led Movements.

Leading a Team of Learners

Traditionally in an organization, workers were paid to “do” not to “think,” and at the top of the organization was a leader whose job it was to think. A learning team is different.

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Mentoring: To Learn Twice

As Marilyn Jarrett teaches others, she gains a deeper understanding about discipleship.

When Pleasing Others Gets in the Way of Leading

Do you wrestle with always trying to please people? Discover how we can follow Jesus’ example of servant leadership and loving others well.

How to Wash the Feet of People Who Hate Us

"In the days when television was a luxury we could not afford, we would sit on the linoleum floor around my great-grandmother’s rocking chair and listen to her tell stories..."

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