How the Bible is changing Kenyan soldiers

Frances Woods July 6, 2015
Photo by Esther Havens.

Despite the spiritual and physical conflict engulfing Kenya, God continues to strengthen and heal the Kenyan military.

Kenyan soldiers have been battling the terrorist group Al-Shabaab in Somalia with relative success.

As they began combat, Military Ministry Kenya (MMK) began distributing Christian materials to enhance the spirituality of soldiers in the battlefield.

Life Ministry Kenya and the Hadassah Initiative donated books for soldiers in Somalia and those recovering in the Military Memorial Hospital.

Recently, Josh McDowell’s book “The New Adventure” was donated to the chaplains. Each individual received a copy and the results have been heartening. God is truly moving and changing the hearts and minds of our Kenyan brothers and sisters.

In addition to aiding chaplains, MMK is working to build up godly leaders. Since attending a transformational leadership-training seminar hosted by International Leadership Foundation last month, key leaders are strategizing best practices to positively influence military leaders.

In addition, 7 students began the New Life Training Curriculum (NLTC) at the DOD center.

We rejoice with our dear brothers and sisters at how the Lord continues to multiply godly influence and care throughout the MMK sphere of influence!


Originally posted on the Cru Military blog.

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