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What Does It Mean to “Speak the Truth in Love”?

Odds are you’ve heard this phrase, especially if you’re a Christian. Here’s what it means and where it came from!

What Is a Christian Testimony?

Learn what a personal testimony is and how to prepare one to share with others.

Personal Evangelism 101: The Complete Guide

Personal evangelism is worthwhile. Here’s how to approach it effectively.

3 Lessons from the Well

One conversation with Jesus changed a Samaritan woman’s life. These three lessons from the well can help you grow in your faith and share that faith with your neighbors.

Passages - A Daily Evangelism Devotional

Passages is a daily evangelism-focused devotional. Through lessons, prayer and meditation, it provides biblical motivation and training for sharing Christ with close friends and acquaintances.

6 Tips for Responding to Negative Comments Online

Receiving comments on social media is what we all want — except when they’re negative. When negative comments appear, it can be stressful or hurtful. Here are six tips to help you navigate the situation online and respond well to negative comments.

Why You're Stuck in Your Faith Journey

If you’re not growing, it might be because you’re not helping someone else.

Overcoming Fear Factors

As believers, how can we move from fear to courageous action?

Celebrate a “First” This Christmas

This Christmas, you can introduce someone to Jesus in a fresh way.

Unwelcome Delays or Divine Interruptions?

What if instead of viewing interruptions this Christmas as unwelcome delays, you strive to see them as divine opportunities for inviting others into conversations of some spiritual significance?

A Welcome Form of Evangelism

Going door-to-door with a Bible may be taboo any other time of the year, but during Christmas Season, singing the gospel is still captivating.

After-Christmas Conversations About Jesus

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you have to stop talking about the greatest gift God has given us in Jesus Christ.

Prayer, Care and Share

Learning ways to include evangelism in your daily life.

How Should Christians Respond To Earth Day?

I believe nature is one of the most powerful tools we have in worship and evangelism.

What Happens When People Google “Jesus”

We turn to the internet for our ordinary, mundane, and sometimes embarrassing questions. But we also look to this infinite store of knowledge for answers to life's most complex moral, intellectual, and spiritual quandaries.

Evangelism Without a Bullhorn

What does it really look like to obey Jesus’ command to spread the gospel?

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