Population: 39,002,772

Located in Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Somalia and Tanzania

Map of Kenya

Kenya is a country of great ethnic diversity, and tension between the groups causes many of the problems. In the 1990s, politically instigated tribal clashes killed thousands and left tens of thousands homeless. The Protestant and indigenous churches have grown fast, but the level of human rights abuses has also been rising.


How the Bible is changing Kenyan soldiers

As Kenyan soldiers face many military trials, God is showing up in surprising ways.

Kenya: 10 Years in High Schools

The high school ministry in Kenya celebrates 10 years with evangelistic mission trips.

Artists in Africa

Bringing the gospel to Kenya’s performing artists

Challenging African and American High-school Students

African and American high-school students join together in Kenya to encourage students to trust God and lead their country.

Crocodile Attack on a 9-year-old Leads to Rejoicing

Jaco’s response to a crocodile attack saved a life, led to adoption and opened a door for the gospel.

Warrior Attacks JESUS

Kenyan warriors tear the film screen in half trying to defend Jesus during a JesusFilm showing.

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