The Greek Movement


Greek Movement is a ministry of Cru. We exist to inspire and equip every fraternity and sorority member to leave a spiritual legacy in thier Greek House. We also desire to serve the Greek community by offering resources on leadership, spiritual growth, and Greek life and culture.


That the world would be transformed by the next generation of fraternity and sorority leaders coming out of the college campus and into the larger society.

Give Every Greek in Every House the opportunity to leave a spiritual legacy in their fraternity or sorority.


Pioneer : new ideas and tools to equip fraternity and sorority students to lead more passionately and effectively.

Promote : a network of student and alumni leaders across the country to share ideas, concerns, tips and experiences with one another – which would ultimately enhance Greek life on a national level.

Partner : with national fraternity and sorority leadership, as well as campus Greek advisers, to help serve them by mentoring/volunteering on a local level.

STARTING A GREEK MINISTRY is designed to help interested individuals that want to help launch a ministry to fraternities and sororities on their campus. Our staff can give you resources such as Bible study materials and let you know about conferences for Greek students. We really do want to help you grow in your faith and to have an impact on those around you.

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