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6 Ingredients That Will Help You Fast From Technology

When connecting with God looks like turning off your smartphone.

How to Create a Messenger Ad

Facebook now allows you to set up an ad where people can instantly message you to respond. This kind of ad works well over a short period of time when you are available to message people back. Learn how to create one here.

Cru Sticks to Good News with Gloo

Cru moves forward in the digital age by utilizing a new, unique, digital platform.

How to Start Gospel Conversations with an App

Voke app offers an easy way to share gospel-centered videos with friends digitally to begin meaningful conversations.

Watching a Film Can Have Everlasting Effects

The Voke app makes spiritual conversations easy through digital means.

Write Compelling Captions

People decide within seconds if they will engage with your social media posts. You must master writing compelling caption copy if you want to engage people with thumb-stopping content. So how do you do it?


God calls each of us to be a part of His mission. What is your vision to impact the kingdom? Will you go?


A 10-day social media campaign on brokenness.

One Minute Testimony Video

6 useful steps in creating an effective one minute testimony video

Before and After Video on Instagram

6 steps on sharing your before and after video on Instagram

Before and After Video on Snapchat

5 steps on sharing your before and after video through Snapchat

Before and After Video on Facebook Messenger

4 tips on sharing your before and after video through Facebook messenger

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