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Winter Olympic Athlete Tells Why She Skates

Jinelle Zaugg-Siergiej plays forward on the U.S. Women's National Hockey Team in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Summer is The Best Time to Mentor Men

There are moments in life that redefine who you are from who you were. John Oliver saw the beauty of such a moment unfold between two high school students from Detroit.

How To Play Like No One’s Watching

A group of NFL players are making Christ famous through their footwear.

Boxer Manny Pacquiao Fights for Faith

Manny Pacquiao describes his encounter with God.

American Coach Shares Bible Lessons Alongside Basketball Fundamentals

An American coach teaches fundamentals of basketball and Bible lessons during a two-week camp in Poland.

Lives of German Siblings Changed at Sports Camp

Troubled kids in Germany learn about how to have a relationship with Christ at a youth sports camp.

When Your Dreams Are Shattered

A Japanese student never got to be an American football player – here's what we can all learn from his disappointment.


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