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How to Plan and Lead Effective Prayer Meetings

The key to effective prayer meetings is intentional preparation. This guide will show you how to prepare for a spiritually rich time in community prayer.

9 Tips on Leading a Virtual Small Group

Want to know how you can create a safe environment for meaningful connection with a small group you’re leading virtually? Here are some ideas for you.

Gospel-Centered Small Groups

Life-changing small group environments are less about how-tos and more about experiencing Jesus. They are not focused on building head knowledge but on changing hearts and minds. These communities not only equip their members for service but also expose sin and call people to adore Christ. Christ-centered communities transform lives from the inside out.


Summer Connect offers you a chance to connect with others and grow spiritually wherever you are this summer.

How to Choose a Group Bible Study: What You Need to Know

Are you leading a small group but aren’t sure how to pick a Bible study that will work well? Are you intimidated by how many choices there are for Bible studies? This article walks you through some of the important things you should think about.

How to Lead a Small Group

A small group isn’t simply a Bible study or discipleship group meeting. It’s a gathering of people who share their own thoughts and experiences and seek to learn from one another.

Preparing and Planning School Year

These resources will help guide you and your team as you plan and prepare for the start of the school year.

More Training Tools

Learn more ways to train students, plan for the fall semester and more for your ministry.

The Big Picture

Browse through articles on starting a ministry and core essential lessons to help engage your key leader in ministry.

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