This is a difficult time of year to launch any new ministry initiatives. The main task at hand is to recruit and promote the Christmas Conference.

Yes, don’t forget that. Recruiting to the Christmas Conference is mission critical at this point in the campus ministry calendar.

Yet, this time of year does lend itself to holding some creative socials, holiday parties, and other special times of community building.

I could list a dozen or so ideas that have been successful on various campuses but that would miss the point entirely. For the success of socials, parties, and community building depends upon the students you have entrusted it to. Students plan the best socials and even good ideas sound kind of dorky when not put forth by a student.

Hopefully, at the beginning of the Fall you entrusted leadership of community building and socials to several of your leadership students who in turn recruited others to be a part of a Community Team.

Well, if you did this, then all you need to do is inform your Community Group that this is the time of the semester that is theirs to shine. Just given them a budget and tell them not to break the law and they should be able to work their community building magic.

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