With all the activities of the first few weeks on campus it would be a huge relief if you could postpone the launch of your Small Group Bible Studies until October. Unfortunately you can’t. And the reason you can’t is that in order to involve new students you need to be able to invite them to something; they need to get involved right away.

But how do you thoughtfully decide on who should be involved in what Bible Study when you still don’t know who is going to be involved.

The answer to this dilemma for many campuses has been to hold several open, co-ed Bible Studies at various locations on campus. This creates a kind of holding tank. It provides you with an event/activity you can invite people to as you meet them, and postpones for a month what should be the very thoughtful process of placing people in the Bible Study that will be best suited for them.

Another advantage of these open, gathering studies is that you can broadly publicize them and even invite non-Christians, especially if you make the topic of the study something even a new or non-believer could get something out of like a study of The Beatitudes, or the Parables of Jesus.  For the content of these studies, see the Cru.Comm section of this website.  For publicity, visit the Posters and Publicity section.

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