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How to Lead When Tragedy Strikes

What do you do when people are looking to you to respond to a tragedy? Here are 3 specific things the Cru ministry in Venezuela learned when they experienced loss.

Finding Home

Returning from overseas to care for her mother brings life lessons for staff member Alice Fredricks.

SLI Participant Testimonials

Testimonials from participants of the Senior Leadership Initiative program.

SLI Coaches Testimonials

Testimonials from coaches of the Senior Leadership Initiative program.

Cru Leadership SLI Testimonials

Testimonials from Cru leadership about the Senior Leadership Initiative program.

International Christian Schools

List of schools that STINT teachers can look to apply to.


Are you a missionary overseas with kids? Or are you a missionary kid (MK)? Connect with fellow MKs around the world and experience this great international community.

What is the Statement of Faith?

Cru's Statement of Faith expresses our basis of belief in the Bible and our faith in its major doctrinal teachings.

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