Connection with Steve Douglass

How is the JESUS Film being used around the world?

with Josh Newell

Did you know that the JESUS Film team is trusting the Lord to reach every tribe and touch screen through the JESUS Film and other video resources?

Why's it Important to be Locally Self-Sustainable?

with Dan Willmann

Have you heard how many countries around the world are becoming self-sustainable?

How do we help recent graduates continue their involvement with our ministry?

with Roger Osbaldiston

Do you ever wonder how LeaderImpact is doing around the world?

Have you heard about Women's Resources?

with Judy Douglass

Women minister in many different ways. How can you be inspired by their examples?

In leadership, what is important to remember?

with Steve Sellers

Do you know about Steve Sellers' new role as Executive Vice President?

How will the new financial software (Netsuite) help me as a staff member?

with Helena Jarva

Why Is It Important to Minister to Leaders?

with Dela Adadevoh

Have you ever thought about sharing with a leader?


How and Why Has LeaderImpact Grown?

with Dela Adadevoh

Did you know that LeaderImpact is rapidly growing to new cities around the world?

How Can Someone Minister to Leaders?

with Dela Adadevoh

If you had a chance, what would you say to a leader?

Roger Osbaldiston tells us about "Launch Week"

Have you heard about what Global Student Lead Movements is planning this November?

How and Why Has the Campus Ministry Grown?

with Roger Osbaldiston

Do you ever wonder how the campus ministry is doing around the world?

How Can Someone Minister to Students?

with Roger Osbaldiston

Are you ready to help students grow in Christ?

How Are We Improving Ministry in the Digital World?

with Ken Cochrum

How can we promote the gospel more effectively with people who are searching online?

What Is Your Plan for Global Digital Strategies?

with Ken Cochrum

If digital is the future, where are we going?

How Are You Helping in Fund Development?

with Ken Cochrum

Do you know what Ken Cochrum's new project is?

What Is LDHR All About?

with Andrea Buczynski

Pop Quiz: What does LDHR stand for?

What Progress Is Happening in Leadership Development?

with Andrea Buczynski

Great leaders are no accident. How are you growing?

Please Share a Recent Success in LDHR.

with Andrea Buczynski

What does HR look like when it's done from the heart?

Tell Us About Some Recent Developments in Operations (NetSuite).

with Erik Butz

How much better is our ministry when our operations get better?

What Did You Learn on Your Sabbatical?

with Bekele Shanko

How much work is too much work?

How Has God Blessed Global Church Movements?

with Bekele Shanko

Are we really making progress in church planting?

Where Does Your Strength in Faith Come From?

with Bekele Shanko

Is your God big enough for a worldwide problem?

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