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4 Tips for Being a Spiritual Builder

Action points to help you approach evangelism as a builder. CoJourners will help you connect spiritually with the people and guide them toward a relationship with God. Part 4 out of 5.

Mentoring: To Learn Twice

As Marilyn Jarrett teaches others, she gains a deeper understanding about discipleship.

“Bible in a Year” Plans Can Work for You

Even working as a writer for a Christian organization, Rebecca found it hard to reconcile the God she saw who was angry in the Old Testament with the loving Jesus in the New. Until a new resource helped her see the Bible as one big story.

10 Reasons You’re Not Reading the Bible

Do you struggle with why people read the Bible? Can I challenge the reasons you’ve decided not to open this book with 10 reasons you’ve told yourself not to read this book?

When You Don't Like Reading the Bible

Do you ever struggle to read the Bible? You’re not alone. Explore the roots of your struggle, and get fresh ideas for spending time in Scripture.

When You Feel Like a Failure after Reading the Bible

Do you feel worse after reading the Bible? Perhaps there’s a better way to read the Bible.

How Can a Partnership End Bible Poverty?

Youth With A Mission are partnering with Cru to complete a God-sized task by 2033.

The Differences Between Convictions, Persuasions, and Opinions

How can people from varying faiths and ethnicities seek to understand each other and serve together around a common vision? This simple framework helped me better know how to do that.

One Man's Faith Now Guides His Life

A journalist for a major newspaper, Wong had experienced disappointments, but eventually encountered God. Wong and his entire family now follow God.

Serving with Bold Faith in the Military

A lieutenant in Mongolia tells us how he reaches out to his regiment.

When the Unreached Becomes the One Reaching Out

Top executive, Todd, was once considered to be unreached. Now he helps the unreached around him find their way to Christ.

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Transferable Concepts

These are the essential "How To's" which every Christian, newborn or with many years of maturity, needs to know and remember.

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