Middle East Bibles

Seize the Moment: Bibles Needed in the Middle East!

In these hard times, God is working in extraordinary ways. 

People in the most closed nations on earth are dreaming of Jesus. Getting up in the middle of the night to secretly look for answers online. Reaching out to Cru missionaries to ask for God’s Word. 

Will you help them receive the answers they seek? 

Whether it’s a printed Bible or a Bible on a secure SD card or USB drive, Cru missionaries find the safest way for seekers in the Middle East to read God's Word — many for the first time!

Your gift of $20.25 will put three Bibles into eager hands. $47.25 will provide seven Bibles. $81 will provide a dozen Bibles — enough for a secret small group!

Whatever you give will provide the critical tool to evangelize, disciple and build faithful churches. 

Some people have been waiting years for God’s Word. You can put the first Bible they’ve ever seen in their hands.

Thank you for praying for this kind of awakening. It’s happening now!

Please give today to ensure no person who wants a Bible is turned away. 

Thank you again!


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