International Bibles



Send Bibles to the Spiritually Hungry Around the World

God’s Word is in greater demand than ever before as hurting people seek the Prince of Peace.

Requests for Bibles are pouring in from all over the world. 

For just $6.75 per Bible, will you put God’s Word into eager hands? 

Cru missionaries & partner churches in 191 nations are ready to distribute Bibles and are committed to long-term discipleship. 

All that’s needed are the funds for the Bibles!

Every $6.75 you give will provide God’s Word in the recipient's heart language — whether it is printed, on a USB drive or SD card.

Would you consider helping today?  

Your gift of $20.25 gives three Bibles, $47.25 provides seven Bibles. A gift of $81 equips a small group with a dozen Bibles! 

Any amount you feel led to give will be an eternal blessing. 

Thank you for your heart to share the Good News, so that no one who wants a Bible goes away empty-handed! 


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