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A 12-day schedule exploring what it means to be faithful to God through our partnering with others.

A Women’s Group That Fulfills a Generous Vision

After desiring more than a traditional Bible study group, one woman started a Women of Vision group that gives to gospel-centered work overseas.

Let the Nations Be Glad

Missions are not the ultimate goal of the Church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t.

How Partnership Can Affect Real Change

We need to have partners, support pastors, work side-by-side and work together to accomplish the Great Commission.

Simple Solution Helps a Partnership

Two Baptist missionaries help herdsmen in Mongolia find solutions to challenges. They work closely with Cru to make a lasting impact.

A Surprise in One of Baltimore’s Toughest Neighborhoods

Cru students join The Garden Church for an outreach in inner city Baltimore.

Not Alone: The Power of Partnering

Partnerships offer an opportunity to see what the Lord is doing beyond our own organizational walls. To burst out of our isolated bubbles.

Justice for the Enslaved

Who knew a presentation at my church would one day lead me to the streets of Cambodia? The atrocities of human slavery are real but as we partner together, we can help end it in the name of Christ.

Running for Freedom with the Aruna Project

It's hard to connect people personally with problems like sex trafficking halfway across the world. But one man was inspired to find a creative solution to stir people's hearts.

A Water Well Changes a Village

A sustainable source of clean water can improve and protect the lives of an entire community.

Beyond Normal

How a missionary couple stepped out of their comfort zone to serve God on a short-term mission trip that distributed wheelchairs to disabled families in Ukraine and offered the good news of God’s forgiveness.

Mission to Botswana’s Bushmen

Global Aid Network partners with JESUS Film in a mission to the Botswana Bushmen

Good Medicine: Volunteers on Mission

Missionaries from Australia visit Cambodia for a medical clinic combined with the hope of the gospel.

On the ground in Iraq

GAiN has been working tirelessly to bring relief to refugee camps in Iraq and other places of humanitarian crisis.

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