Finding Love and Acceptance

Ever wonder if true love actually exists? Or if you’ll ever be accepted for who you really are? Many of us have found ourselves pondering these questions. Here are stories of some who once asked the same.

God Punched Me in the Face

When God wanted to show Michael how much He loved him, it started with a punch in the face.

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When Rejection is God's Direction

Sometimes, what seems like rejection is actually God directing us right where we need to be.

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A Masking Smile and a Guilty Heart

“I was always trying to make sure I had the approval from others that I feared I didn’t really have from God.”

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I Crave Acceptance

“... instead of having [people] accept me for who I was, I tried to change into the person I thought they wanted me to be.”

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Can you really find happiness?

After searching for happiness and security, Sarah realized that only God can provide these things.

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"I wanted what they had"

“I felt worthless, like I had nothing else to offer. I was so lost in the partying lifestyle and was convinced this was what life was all about.”

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A New Family

“There had to be some legit Christians out there.”

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I Thought God Hated Me

"I spent most of high school as a total jerk."

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Nowhere to Go

Finding refuge in Jesus alone.


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A Double Life

Cody tried to please people by wanting to be what they wanted him to be instead what God wanted him to be. Now he seeks to follow and please God.

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No More Pretending

Hannah tried to please people by wanting to be what they wanted her to be. She repented of her sin and now seeks to follow and please God.

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Small-Town Athiest

How one Bowling Green State University student experienced the love and grace from the Body of Christ that brought him from a lifetime of doubt in God to an eternity of faith in Christ.

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Rescued Froma Dark Place

Amy Haake clings to 2 Samuel 22:20 as she reflects on how God has rescued her and changed her life in Christ since getting involved in Cru at Bowling Green State University.

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My Story: Stephanie Bethel

“I grew up going to church because [my] parents. I really didn’t think about it too much the rest of the week.”

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Adopted, Again

Jen Schad’s life is changed forever on a spring break trip.

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"I'm a good person ... why do I need God?

After spending time with Christian friends and studying the Bible intensely, Xinjia Li puts Jesus in charge of her life.

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My Story: Ryan Chesler

A student finds out who Jesus is on Boise State University campus.

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My Story: Mimi Bailey

Mimi Bailey's story of how Christ changed her life.

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Moving From the Darkness Into Light

Casey Cashen's once dark and disturbed life is changed after attending a Cru meeting.

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Getting Off the Bus and Finding a Home

Lupe Torres found more than free food when she got off the bus at The Salvation Army.

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Searching for Real Answers Online

Sandeep Sharma searched for love. What he found was a relationship with God. Now, he serves as an online responder for others who also are seeking answers to their questions about God.

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God Put a Lot of Effort Into Making Me

Dania Hackett was familiar with church but unsure of how to have a relationship with God.

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My Story: Michael Jebaraj

Michael is the director of affairs for India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives. He leads 600 full-time trained staff and over 2,500 JESUS Film and administrative staff members. Here is his story.

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My Story: Roel Ceballos

Man's quest for acceptance takes him on a journey of discovery, leading him to the unconditional security and assurance found only in Jesus Christ.

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My Story: Lesley

“It defined how I felt about myself and the world. It was not just about coming to faith. Jesus transformed my life.”

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Popularity and a Brain Injury

Paul Bayer finds acceptance in Christ and gets another chance at life after a brain injury.

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