The Desire Series

The Desire Series — An Introduction

By Heidi Smith, Leela Zander & Jessica Harris

Are you one of those women who think their secret is worse than the women around them?

Do you feel like most other women don’t have the sexual struggles you do, especially if they call themselves Christians?  

Do you feel stuck?

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You are not alone. We were those women too. We thought we would never find somewhere safe enough to say out loud what we were hiding about our sexual behavior.

People talking about men struggling with things like pornography and masturbation is common these days. But never women.

Since no one talks about this stuff, you presume no one will understand. So you stay silent.

Your sex life, virtual or physical, is one of the most intimate aspects of who you are. You need to know who you can trust with that part of your identity?

We created Desire because of people like you, people like us.

Our sexual struggles as women take on many different forms, and we need each other’s help to handle them well.

First things first, let’s not pretend that we don’t have sexual desires. We do. We were created with bodies that have the potential to experience sexuality in incredible ways. But we need help when those desires take over our lives.

If you could put a check mark next to any of the following, the Desire Series was designed to help you.

  1. You sense your struggle taking your life in a direction you never intended.
  2. You’re trying to outrun or ignore your problem and just carry on with school, work, relationships or ministry.
  3. You’re spending all your energy protecting your secrets.
  4. You’re afraid of losing everything if others find out.
  5. You think there’s no way God could still love you.
You feel stuck. We want to show you where hope can be found. If we can heal – so can you.

Your secrets, isolation and loneliness can be transformed into honesty, safe community and healthy intimacy.

But to do this we’ll need to break the silence with God, ourselves and others.

We encourage you to think about who else you know that might benefit from this series. Ask God to provide you with a few people who can join you on this journey.

If you don’t feel ready for that yet, don’t worry. Begin reading these articles on your own and ask God to reveal your best next step after each article.

Let’s begin by tackling head-on the thing that keeps us silent: Our shame.  

Desire: A Series for Women

An Introduction

How Could You Love Me if You Really Knew Me?

How To Enjoy Sex the Way God Designed

Warning - Porn and Masturbation Are Not Safe Sex

What Do I Do With My Craving For Sex?

Do I Really Need to Tell Somebody?

Who’s The Last Person You Want to Forgive?

So What Is Triggering Your Sexual Desire?

How Far is Too Far When You’re Dating?

No One Can Fight Your Battles, But They Can Stand With You

Source material taken from “To the Woman Addicted to Porn — You’re Not Alone” by Jessica Harris, published on

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