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Mentoring: To Learn Twice

As Marilyn Jarrett teaches others, she gains a deeper understanding about discipleship.

A Women’s Group That Fulfills a Generous Vision

After desiring more than a traditional Bible study group, one woman started a Women of Vision group that gives to gospel-centered work overseas.

Lessons From a Tragedy 40 Years Ago

40 years ago, a flood took the lives of 143 people, including 7 women on staff with Cru. The aftermath might have some lessons for us today.

3 Lessons from the Well

One conversation with Jesus changed a Samaritan woman’s life. These three lessons from the well can help you grow in your faith and share that faith with your neighbors.

How to Handle Mother’s Day When It Feels Hard

For those without a mother or children, Mother’s Day can be hard. One woman shares how a shift in thinking helped her celebrate with and for others.

Daughters of Eve

God created us uniquely, men and women, but both in His image. I want to explore the unique aspects of how women experience life-change and growth.

Ladies, Are You Still Part of the Mean Girls?

I assumed as women grew and matured that the mean girls and the plastic ways would wear away. Especially in Christian circles. What happens when they don’t?

To the Woman Addicted to Porn – You're Not Alone

Jessica Harris was addicted to hardcore pornography. She wants to tell other struggling women, “You’re not alone.”

What Can Christians Learn From a Sorority?

What started as an outlet for Ruth to talk about her faith and make friends has actually shown her what Christians can learn from sororities.

Movie Outreach for Orlando Women

Sheila learns how much God loves her and how easily she can tell that message to others showing "Magdalena" from the JESUS Film.

New Film Helps Women in Malawi

The Chechewa language premiere of Magdalena: Released From Shame in Malawi was not only to share the love of Jesus for women, but to show Christian leaders in sub-Saharan Africa how this tool can be used to reach women for Christ.

How Can I Have a Ministry When Motherhood Rules My Life?

Three full-time moms navigate the challenges of investing in ministry inside and outside the home.

Cru's Ministry to Women

Help Women Fleeing Abuse and Oppression


An evangelistic resource set in a life-coaching environment.

Reflections of Hope Bible Study (Leader’s Guide version)

"Reflections of Hope" contains eight thought-provoking lessons to help women to discover their real value in Christ. This Bible study is inspired by the film “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes."

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