The Savior is Here: Advent Study

The Savior is Here: Advent Study

As our awareness for the first coming of Christ is heightened, our longing and expectation for his second advent should increase as well. Beginning four Sundays before Christmas we focus on advent, a season of reflection and longing for the coming King.

Join us in celebrating the coming Savior with this easy-to-follow advent series. Sign up below to download.

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Daily Advent Devotionals

Drawing on truths embedded in many Christmas songs you’ve heard (and probably some you haven’t), this daily Advent devotional ties our favorite holiday tunes directly back to Jesus.

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What's in a Name: The Powerful Names of Jesus

Taking time to meditate on the many names of Jesus can enrich your worship.

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God With Us

Contemplating Immanuel which means “God with us” gives me a reason to hope in the midst of a world beaten down and burdened.

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Rescue is Right Around the Corner

When anxiousness or discouragement creeps in, I try to remind myself that rescue is just around the corner.

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History Starts and Ends With Jesus

Jesus, our Alpha and Omega, existed before Creation and will return to rule forever. He is the consistency our hearts long for.

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