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Advent Phone Wallpapers

Download these free Advent wallpapers for your smartphone.

12 Ideas to Show Christ’s Love This Christmas

Make sure to spend your holiday the way God would want. Here are some ideas to get you started.

What’s in a Name: The Powerful Names of Jesus

Taking time to meditate on the many names of Jesus can enrich your worship.

Take the Quiz: How Much Holiday Spirit Do You Have?

Find out how you really feel about Christmas!

Quiz: How Much Holiday Spirit Do You Have?

Take our quiz to find out how you really feel about Christmas!

What Is Advent?

Advent is the four-week season of anticipation that precedes Christmas Day. It celebrates the coming of God in the flesh — in the person of Jesus Christ.

Advent Daily Devotional - A Light for the Whole World to See

Merry Christmas! The story doesn’t end with darkness. The Light has come! Celebrate the arrival of Jesus as we finish our Advent journey in Luke 2.

Advent Daily Devotional - The Test of Your Love

Jesus laid down His life for His enemies. Today’s Advent reading is John 21. How would you respond if Jesus asked you if you loved Him?

Advent Daily Devotional - An Empty Promise?

What promises of God do you struggle to believe? We’re in John 20 today, learning that the empty tomb is not an empty promise.

Advent Daily Devotional - What Happened on the Cross?

What happened on the cross? In the midst of darkness, God was at work bringing light that shines in our hearts. Today’s Advent passage is John 19.

Advent Daily Devotional - Witnesses to the Truth

As Christmas approaches, are you willing to boldly testify to the truth of who Jesus is? Today’s Advent reading is John 18.

Advent Daily Devotional - Meeting the Family

It can look like you have nothing in common with other Christians, but it’s an illusion. Meet us in John 17 for today’s Advent devotional.

Advent Daily Devotional - A Peace Not Found in the World

Jesus doesn’t leave us in the dark. He tells us what we can expect and provides His peace and presence to guide us. Read John 16 in our Advent journey.

Advent Daily Devotional - The Master Gardener

What does it mean to remain or abide in Jesus? Read John 15 and our devotional about the True Vine.

Advent Daily Devotional - Jesus: The Way, the Truth and the Life

The promises of Jesus are true for you today. Read today’s Advent devotional in John 14 and learn how to trust the Holy Spirit to lead you.

Advent Daily Devotional - The Path to True Greatness

Continue our Advent reading in John 13. Discover what it takes to be truly great in the kingdom of God.

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