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How to Honor Mom on Mother’s Day

Discover significant yet simple ways to honor your mom on Mother’s Day this year.

You’re Not Alone in the Dark

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve experienced dark moments when you’ve felt alone. When the power of death felt present in your life. When you’ve been without. Easter Saturday, and the words of Isaiah, remind us that Jesus, too, experienced what we do.

Betrayed, Arrested, Denied — Jesus’ Response

Jesus not only endured abandonment and denial from some of His closest followers, but faced both emotional and physical torment while bearing the weight of God’s justice. Jesus intervened for you on the cross.

A Withered Fig Tree and the Plot to Kill Jesus

As the religious leaders plotted to kill Him, Jesus gave a warning still relevant to us today.

How Should Christians Respond To Earth Day?

I believe nature is one of the most powerful tools we have in worship and evangelism.

6 Tips for Starting Holiday Traditions of Your Own

Do you want to establish your own traditions with your family and friends this holiday season? Here are six ways to help you do just that.

3 Ways Busy People Can Give the Gift of Their Time

The holidays are coming up, and your to-do list is already full. You know it’s important to give and share, but how will you find the time?

How To Be Present During the Holidays

Does the holiday season bring too much busyness, stress and disappointment? Do you long for a different kind of experience? Here are six tips to help you be more present over the holidays.

4 Things That Will Stop You From Going Broke Over the Holidays

Don’t let your holiday spending get out of control. These four tips will help you rein in your spending and let you focus on making your Christmas more meaningful.

What Is Advent?

Advent is the four-week season of anticipation that precedes Christmas Day. It celebrates the coming of God in the flesh — in the person of Jesus Christ.

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