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Starting a Group on Campus

Starting a ministry on your campus is easier than you may think. Just walk through this process step-by-step .



Discipleship is about helping new and young believers grow in their walks with God. Check out The Compass : the Campus Ministry's complete guide to personal discipleship.

You can also learn more about discipleship online at

More teaching and discipleship resources:
Articles that teach Basic Discipleship Concepts
Articles that teach Advanced Discipleship Concepts
Additional Resources on How To Disciples Others

Leading a Ministry

Ministry leaders face a unique set of opportunities, responsibilities, and challenges. These articles will help you rise to the challenge.


The First Six Weeks

  • Investigative Bible Studies
  • The First Six Weeks
  • Publicity
  • Freshman Survival Kits
  • 30-Second Surveys
  • Launching the Group
  • Men's and Women's
  • Overnight
  • Freshman Strategy


Small Groups

Small Groups are the heart of your ministry so no skill is more important than learning how to lead an effective Study. You'll find out everything you need to know in this series of articles.


Posters & Publicity

Sweet posters and flyers to publicize weekly meetings and bible studies.

More Resources

Containing over 100 Bible Studies (8 semesters worth of content) written for students, Cru.Comm is the Campus Ministry's complete Small Group curriculum.

How to lead a Cru.Comm study
Go to the Cru.Comm Library

Building Community

Community Prayer

Whether a Prayer Chain , a Concert of Prayer , Prayer Walking , or a Weekly Prayer Meeting , prayer brings the entire ministry togther in reliance upon the Lord.


Conferences & Retreats

From Big Break in Spring to Christmas Conference in Winter, there's a purpose for every conference. Read The Why and When of Conferences , before checking out other resources.


Community & Socials

Community isn't just a ministry activity, it's the context and atmosphere in which the entire ministry happens. For ideas and insights, check out the articles in the Community library...


Men & Women

The articles in this section draw heavily on two Campus Ministry resources: FLESH (For Men) and DESIRE (For Women).


Outreach & Evangelism

Personal Witness
The following tools and resources will equip those in your ministry to share Christ more effectively and relationally.


Campus Outreach
Our mission is to give every student the opportunity to know Christ. To that end, here are some proven ideas and strategies.



As a ministry we're not just reaching students in the U.S., but taking the gospel to the entire world. The following articles will help you get the big picture of what God is doing in the world.


Beyond College

A Legacy of Changed Lives

See how students are making a lasting impact through summer missions with Cru.

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