As legendary discipler Roger Hershey says, mature disciples are those who walk by faith, communicate their faith and multiply their faith. The Compass is a tool designed to help staff and student disciplers guide other students through the process of becoming mature disciples.

In addition to over 45 lessons, The Compass contains a number of other resources, including a series of four talks by Roger Hershey on the right reasons, people, components and content for discipleship. Feel free to supplement the lessons with the corresponding CruPress training videos.

The Compass is organized under three main headings: “Walk,” “Communicate” and “Multiply.” These correspond with our understanding that mature disciples are those who walk, communicate and multiply their faith. You can find over 40 lessons to prepare you to lead great discipleship appointments with students.

How to Disciple

Walk by Faith

Communicate Your Faith

Multiply Your Faith

Life Concepts Follow Ups

Life Concepts Follow Ups


From Uncertainty to Confidence
(Leader | Student)

From Feelings of Unworthiness to Forgiveness
(Leader | Student)

From Being Unable to Empowered
(Leader | Student)

From Being Unprepared to Equipped
(Leader | Student)

From Being Undeveloped to Maturity
(Leader | Student)


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