Leader Development

Missional Team Leader Job Description


Purpose: Give leadership to a team of Christ-like laborers who are committed to reaching a defined campus or people group by planting & growing win, build, send movements.

Reports to: The sending leadership for direction and coaching

Reporting to Missional Team Leaders:

Team Members
Campus Student Leaders
Volunteers, Alumni, and others involved

Job Description:

Love the Lord

  • Walk in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Grow in prayerful dependence on God
  • Richly experience the grace and truth of the gospel
  • Pursue character growth as the Lord works in you
  • Be aligned to Cru statement of faith

Lead your Team

  • Shepherd your team by loving them, serving them and caring for them
  • Coach and equip your team toward the vision
  • Give your team the direction they need to fulfill the vision

Live out the Missional Objectives

  • Believe God for Changed Lives
  • Create opportunities for Gospel Experiences
  • Mobilize Christ-Centered Laborers
  • Raise up new Missional Teams to build new movements
  • Develop Christ-like Leaders

Line-up Resources

  • Ensure that you and your team have the necessary resources (Money, People, Supplies, Technology) to live out the missional objectives
  • Determine with the team what it will take ($, people, supplies) to reach your scope
  • Have a recruiting plan for laborers - 100% Sent
  • Build relationships with those who can partner with you to reach your scope

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