Movement Launching Pathway


The Movement Launching Pathway organizes the first fifteen Collaborative Discipleship lessons to equip mature believers to share their faith effectively as they launch a new movement. With this pathway students can be prepared to start new discipleship groups toward the beginning of the second semester. This order was arranged by Ben Rivera, an expert coach who has help many students launch movements on their campuses.

A list of these first fifteen lessons are below. To see the first fifteen lessons and how all 50 lessons are organized visually, click on this image to view the PDF.

Movement Launching Pathway:

  1. How to Use the KGP Conversationally
  2. How to Be Filled with the Spirit
  3. How to Confess and Breathe Spiritually
  4. How to Pray and Worship
  5. CoJourners
  6. Modes of Evangelism
  7. The Great Commission
  8. God's Heart for Those Who Don't Know Him
  9. Eternal Perspective
  10. Spiritual Multiplication & Stages of Discipleship
  11. How and Who to Invite into Discipleship
  12. How to Make Disciples
  13. How to Lead a Small Group
  14. How to Use Soularium & Share Your Story
  15. How to Invite and Welcome

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