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New Believer Organizes Successful Denver Outreach

Ed, a new believer, helped organize an outreach and now mentors others, too.

Nick DeCola

The silence was deafening. All eyes stared at the floor. 

The occasion for the awkward silence was an invitation to direct a breakfast outreach directed by Priority Associates, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ reaching out to young professionals. 

Ed Lee had just been invited to be a part of Priority Associate’s Leadership Team in Denver. Now he found himself raising his hand.

He was volunteering to lead the entire outreach, even though he’d been a Christ-follower for a little over 2 years.

He knew that he wanted his life to count for more than just a heartbeat.  

Photo courtesy of Edward Lee

Ultimately, 185 people attended the breakfast featuring NBA Hall of Famer David Thompson that Ed and his team organized.

Even more exciting, 46 people requested more information about how to know God personally.

Gary Fuller, regional director for Priority Associates says, “Our mission is to turn lost marketplace influencers into Christ-centered transformational leaders.  Ed is a wonderful example [of that].”

Now, just as Gary helped lead Ed to Christ and mentored him in the faith, Ed is meeting with 3 other men to develop them spiritually.

“I love to be a tool that God uses,” says Ed. “Being involved in men’s lives and with Priority Associates is a great place to give back.  It’s really fulfilling.”

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Would you like to know God personally?

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