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Missions for High School Students

Is God calling you to Go Global … to reach high school students? Have you considered where in the world you could be sent to share the message of Jesus with young people?Consider going on a global mission this spring or summer with Cru!

Emotions - 29 Days

Use this 29-day campaign to dive deeper into the emotions we all feel: sadness, joy, love and fear.

When salvation invades the classroom

Almost 1,000 high school students hear the gospel in just one week through Cru’s high school ministry.

My Story: Tim Burke

I was going out that night trying to find the fulfillment for this achy, emptiness that I had inside.

Something Was Missing - How My Life Changed

Didi’s story of how she meets God after questioning Him, His Word, life and attempting to take her life as a teenager in Bulgaria.

“I was a prayer request”

“I picked up a book that said “prayer requests” on it. As I looked in the book, my name was at the top of the list!”

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