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Ministry Leaders

Partner with Cru to help you reach your vision for your ministry. Whether you are a church, campus ministry, or an individual with a heart to reach the lost, we can help you achieve your goals!


Read encouraging stories on how people are impacting their workplace through LeaderImpact.


LeaderImpact has a vision. We believe God puts leaders in positions of influence in all segments of society and in all the nations of the world to fulfill His purpose.

Weekly Meetings - Top Tools

A weekly meeting is key to expanding your ministry, getting students involved and sharing the gospel. Explore ways to create and improve your weekly meeting.

Preparing and Planning School Year

These resources will help guide you and your team as you plan and prepare for the start of the school year.

More Training Tools

Learn more ways to train students, plan for the fall semester and more for your ministry.

Ending the Year Well

It is important to end the year well because it will help your ministry to start well in the fall. Check out ways to end a year well.

Conferences & Retreats

One way to get students more involved and grow in their spiritual journey is through conferences and retreats where they can focus on the Lord without distractions. Here are ways to help you grow your conference and retreat.

30 Week Coaching Plan

Coaching from a distance works towards building multiplying disciples on almost any campus. The key is to keep it simple, narrow your focus, and build ministry "muscle memory". This coaching template will give you a simple path to follow.

Top Tools for Transferable Training

Ministry becomes effective when we accurately apply specific tools, using Biblical strategies, under the power of the Holy Spirit. To get the job done, here are some of the tools to consider adding to the top drawers of your tool chest.

A Primer on Discipleship

Learn about how discipleship can help fullfill the Great Commission and reach people all over the world.


Valor is the Cru ministry for college and high school ROTC cadets and midshipmen, veterans on college campuses, and cadets at foreign military service academies.

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