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Faith Stronger than Hatchets

Assassins brutally attacked Sara, Tomas, and their 2 young daughters while the family was sleeping. Read Sara’s true story of tested faith.

How Men Should Respond to the NFL Crisis

This issue goes far beyond the NFL. This is a cultural issue—a human relationships, marriage and family issue—and at its root is a crisis in manhood.

What is the Biblical Response to America’s Ethnic Strife?

The Creating Options Together conference is tackling our nation’s problems head on. Join them this week via livestream.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Suffering is an undeniable reality, but why does God allow suffering? How do we know God cares for us, and that our suffering will ultimately be for our good?

In a World So Divided, Is Unity Possible?

In a world like this, with people from so many different backgrounds and with so many points of view, is unity possible?

Life’s Questions

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