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How to Find Hope in the Midst of Suffering

Learn how God relates to us when we suffer through the Bible story of Job. We've compiled list of articles on different life struggles such as addiction, depression, spritual dryness, marital strife and more. If you are suffering from something specific today, browse this list of resources that can help you in your journey.

Mental Health Resources

No matter what you are going through, the pain you are feeling or where life has taken you, you are not alone. We want to help you move toward healing with these mental health resources.

Resolution Movement - Sign up for the Email Series

Do hurts and struggles drag you down? Are you looking for healing from anxiety, depression, loneliness or porn use? Sign up for the nine-part email series from the Resolution Movement.

How Can You Be Set Free From Pornography Addiction?

Many men and women struggle to find victory over pornography. Explore this life-changing journey to find hope and resources to conquer this addiction.

Resources for the Struggles of Life

If you are suffering from something specific today, here are some articles that may help you.

Suicide Prevention Resources

Are you dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression or know someone who is? Here you'll find articles, studies and stories of others' personal experiences with suicide and depression.

How You Can Escape the Powerful Cycle of Recurring Sin

Regardless of the form of the destructiveness, several common characteristics are often true of people struggling with habitual sin.

My Story: Bryan Ingvaldson

I wasn't quite sure how I could come to God. I thought I needed to clean myself up, so then I could accept Christ. What I needed was a change in my worship.

How I Overcame My Porn Addiction

“I believed Jesus wanted to transform me, but could not understand why He wouldn’t heal this area.”

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