How Can You Be Set Free From Pornography Addiction?

The vast majority of the faith community believes pornography is a bigger problem among believers today than it was two decades ago, according to Barna Research.

With pornography more accessible than ever in the world’s digital culture, both men and women seem to have increased their use. But many do not know what to do about this problem, particularly once it becomes addictive.

This content journey aims to open your eyes to hope and new resources to conquer pornography addiction. It aims to take you from wherever you are, reveal the deeper longings of your heart and lead you to a path of healing and freedom.

The Resolution Series


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For Men

For Men

The FLESH Series

A collection of articles, next steps and group discussion guides around the issues of sexual immorality and pornography, specifically designed for men. It deals fearlessly with lust, sex and pornography in a clear, comprehensive manner.

For Women

For Women

The Desire Series

If you struggle with sexual desires that feel like they’re taking over your life — you’re in the right place. Do you feel stuck? You're not alone. Accompany three women who share their experiences of struggling to live by God’s plan for their sexual desires.






What is the Resolution Movement?

The Resolution Movement debuted as a social media resource (on Facebook and Instagram) and a podcast with Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett answering questions about practical Christian living in today’s world.

It seeks to overcome problems like porn use among Christians by envisioning a holistic lifestyle. Issues like porn use affect how you thrive in relationships with God and others. The Resolution Movement provides a guide to overcoming such hurts and struggles.

Resolution Movement Resources

  • The Daily Wholeness Guide is an excellent guide to viewing the Christian life through a holistic lens. It provides a framework for healthy living and also gives direction on how to pursue further growth in healing.

  • Watch season 1 of the Resolution Podcast Series, or listen to it on your podcast app.

  • The Resolution Video Series is designed to help you thrive. Get tools to overcome loneliness, anxiety, depression, porn use and more.



Can You Find Freedom From Porn Addiction?

By Jan Stewart

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”
Proverbs 13:12, New International Version

By age 12, Ben Bennett was addicted to pornography. He describes his life at the time as in survival mode while still trying to walk with Jesus.

When Ben entered George Mason University, he got involved with Cru’s campus ministry, but he still had some weighty challenges in his life. Even though he’d attended therapy, including trauma therapy, he felt disconnected spiritually, emotionally and relationally. He tried to grow in his faith, but this had little impact on the hurts he had experienced. Pornography was a means to survive.

He has since realized the “why” behind many of his struggles. Ben has found freedom in discovering there were deeper longings behind his addiction. Safety, acceptance, affirmation and attention were some of the longings that Ben identified. Since then, he has wanted to help others find freedom from their own struggles. He eventually began the Resolution Movement.

Ben’s struggles, like everyone’s, are a result of brokenness and deep longings that are unmet. A person’s sin has a reason. Ben wants people to stop condemning their struggles and find the longing behind them. God has designed us to find fulfillment in Him and His community.

Long stretches of unfulfilled hope result in disappointment. When hope is fulfilled, a person is freed. The gratification of hope is like a tree that gives life.


What are some of the dearest hopes and deepest longings you have right now? How can God meet you in these?

Lord, You care about my struggles and want my freedom to be real. Guide me to the healing You have for me. Amen.



*Ben has given permission to use his name and story. Ben and Josh McDowell are writing a book called “Free to Thrive,” which will be available August 17, 2021.

This devotional addresses mental health issues that affect people from all walks of life. While addressing parts of these issues within the context of Christian community is important, there are times when further professional help may be required.

It is OK to ask for help! If you are in this situation, please seek out a mental health professional. Our page for mental health resources has a tool to find a professional in your area.

Additionally, you can find a Cru community near you. Connect with a community here.


More Tools for Battling Pornography Addiction

The following resources from the Resolution Movement are based on years of research and personal experience helping men and women who are battling pornography addiction. They have helped countless people find freedom and healing.






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