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Let the Nations Be Glad

Missions are not the ultimate goal of the Church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t.

“You can minister. We can help.”

If we are sincere about taking the gospel to the world, it means we need to do some things differently and we cannot do it alone. It’s going to take partners, affiliates, volunteers – even “competing ministries.”

We Can Go Farther in Partnership

No person or organization is self-sufficient. Cru Brazil understands this and is partnering with VOCARE to reach a new generation of spiritual leaders.

Get Off Your Island! Building Effective Kingdom Partnerships

I believe that every church or mission organization that works in isolation, “on an island,” will eventually die. It will not grow and develop to its full potential.

Your Calling Has Always Been Partnership

Working together brings strength, divine blessings, victory, effectiveness as a witness of Jesus, and increased fruitfulness – and God receives glory. But often we don’t work in a coordinated way. We stray from maximizing our efforts and minimizing duplication.

Ministry Leaders

Partner with Cru to help you reach your vision for your ministry. Whether you are a church, campus ministry, or an individual with a heart to reach the lost, we can help you achieve your goals!

Key Funding Needs

Ministry wouldn't be possible without partners who faithfully pray and give. Explore ways to give to the ministry projects you care most about and share the gospel with people all over the world.

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