Missional Objectives

Business man leading a business workshop. Corporate executive delivering a presentation to his colleagues during meeting or in-house business training. Business and entrepreneurship concept.


What we seek: People experiencing a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord.

How we measure: Changed-life Stories of People coming to Christ & Sent-Ones having a ministry.

What we’re asking you to do: Chronicle changed lives so your team and others can read about what God is doing.


What we seek: People hearing, understanding and experiencing gospel truth, both nonbelievers and believers.

How we measure: Evangelism & Decisions, (Holy Spirit Presentations & Decisions)

What we’re asking you to do: Lead your team, by example, in talking to a lot of students in a variety of ways about the gospel and the Spirit-filled life.


What we seek: Christ-centered laborers engaged together in spiritual multiplication.

How we measure: Number of Spiritual Multipliers; Staff, STINT, Interns; Students leading Small Groups involved in WBS, Graduating laborers

What we’re asking you to do: Lead your team, by example, in asking Christian students and faculty to give away what they’ve received.


What we seek: Increasing number of healthy missional teams. A missional team is defined by a leader(s) with a team of laborers reaching a defined organizational context.

How we measure: Number of WBS Movements, Number of missional teams and progress in reaching scope.

What we’re asking you to do: Initiate partnerships with others to raise up new missional teams to go to unreached groups of students. (Others would include other missional teams, or national strategies like Bridges and Epic, or with churches.)


What we seek: Leadership rich culture

How we measure: Growing the number of Christ-like leaders & Growing in Christ-like leadership

What we’re asking you to do: Create a plan for your own development as a Christ-like leader. Point your team and students to resources and opportunities for them to develop as Christ-like leaders.

A Legacy of Changed Lives

See how students are making a lasting impact through summer missions with Cru.

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