Step 16: Emphasis on Prayer

Fireseeds Of Spiritual Awakening


A major responsibility that should have been parceled out at one of the beginning of the year leadership retreats is the assignment of leaders to the prayer ministry. Prayer is a critical component of the ministry requiring a leader—ideally a whole leadership team.

The prayer ministry would be responsible for things like: planning special evenings of praise and worship; locating rooms to be used for prayer; launching prayer strategies like 24-7 prayer; and general promotion of prayer and prayer events. The prayer team makes sure that prayer always remains a very high and visible value of the ministry.

While those giving leadership to the prayer ministry have been underway for some time now, the post-Fall retreat evangelistic event provides the opportunity to promote prayer and gift ‘lift’ to the prayer ministry.

The evangelistic event provides a specific focus to the prayer times and allows for some creative strategies like a prayer chain leading up to the event.

Attached is a chapter excerpt taken from the book “Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening.” For the last three decades this book has fueled student-led prayer movements, and it should be required reading for everyone involved in the prayer ministry. Download the PDF above.


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