Leadership Development Tools

To help build a disciple into a spiritual leader.

  • Practical Christian Leadership Development Training – An intensive study that prepares leaders to develop people to become spiritual multipliers.
  • Destined for Eternity – The fourth part of a mentoring/discipleship series designed to equip you to carry out Jesus' mission, the Great Commission. (For purchase here; Download here.)
  • Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman – A classic study of Jesus’ plan of evangelizing the world through building multiplying, spiritual leadership.
  • A Passionate Commitment by Crawford Lorritts – While we can outwardly conform to what we say we believe, we privately confess that we know God wants and deserves more from us. Crawford’s book will help you understand God's purpose for your life by challenging the things the world teaches you to hold dear.
  • Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders – This classic book illustrates biblical leadership principles through the lives of David, Moses, Nehemiah, the Apostle Paul, David Livingston and Charles Spurgeon to challenge us to be leaders who are guided by God and devoted to Christ.


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