Evangelism Tools

To help non-believers receive Christ in their lives.

  • Discovery Study – A five session study investigating the claims of Christ and reliability of the Bible.
  • “A Guide to Your Most Important Investment” – A gospel explanation based on the “Four Spiritual Laws” in a format appealing to the adult community.
  • “The Four Spiritual Laws” – The original gospel presentation developed by Campus Crusade for Christ
  • The Four Spiritual Laws (Spanish) – El folleto Las Cuatro Leyes Espirituales presenta una clara explicación del evangelio de Jesucristo.
  • “Knowing God Personally” –  This update of the “Four Spiritual Laws” is gospel presentation most used by Cru staff.
  • Jesus Film – A film of the life of Christ, taken from the Gospel of Luke. Has a gospel presentation at the end.
  • Alpha Course –  A course that investigates questions about Christianity over 10 or so sessions and creates conversations that lead to interest in the gospel. 
  • EveryPerson.com – A website with dozens of articles and videos answering questions about life and God. The articles direct interested readers to a gospel presentation that explains how to receive Christ and provides immediate online follow-up for those who make a decision.

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