Pre-Evangelism Tools


To cultivate interest in the heart of someone open to hearing about or actively seeking God.

  • Case for Christ by Lee Strobel – This book carefully lays out the evidence for the bible and Christ’s death and resurrection.
  • – A website with dozens of articles and videos answering questions about life and God. The articles direct interested readers to a gospel presentation that explains how to receive Christ and provides immediate online follow-up for those who make a decision.
  •  Man in the Mirror  by Pat Morley – Subtitled “Solving the 24 Problems Men Face” it is a great low key way to engage men in talking about issues of life in a context of biblical input that makes them open to seeking further.
  • –  A website with lots of articles and videos addressing key apologetic issues people have about God, Christ, the bible and the gospel.  
  • Jesus Film –  A film of the life of Christ, taken from the Gospel of Luke. Can be used to create interest in Christ and His claims.
  • Family Life Marriage Conference – A weekend conference that gives great biblical principles for building one’s marriage, but in a non-threatening way that opens the door for people to hear the gospel message on the last day of the conference.

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