Christian Foundations Tools

To help new believers learn the fundamentals of the Christian life.

  • Foundations Study – Foundations Study – Foundations is designed to be used in 4 or more separate sessions. It will help you clearly and effectively communicate the foundational steps for establishing a meaningful and growing life in Christ. Download or Purchase.
  • Cimientos – Estudios de Seguimiento (Nota: Esta versión de la serie “Foundations” es enteramente en español. ) Para dar un seguimiento efectivo hay que tener metas claras, un plan para lograr esas metas, una buena relación con el nuevo cristiano, y la seguridad de que Dios tiene el control de producir el crecimiento. Descargar o Comprar.
  • Art of Marriage (Family Life) – Starting an Art of Marriage Connect Group prepares you to lead a Connect group study by providing information for: Time commitment involved, suggestions for meeting locations, inviting others to participate, and child care.
  • Man in the Mirror  by Pat Morley –  Subtitled “Solving the 24 Problems Men Face” it is a great low key way to engage new believers in talking about issues of life in a context of biblical input that helps them see the relevance of scripture to living.
  • Destined for Security – A discipleship series designed to equip new believers in foundational topics such as assurance of salvation and understanding God’s love and forgiveness.
  • Operation Timothy-Life Foundations – Answers key questions about the purpose of life and how God and Christ provide those answers.
  • Alpha Course –  A course that investigates questions about Christianity over 10 or so sessions and creates conversations that lead to interest in the gospel. Great for answering many questions new believers have as they begin the Christian life.

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