God Has Power Over Evil

Bill Bright

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet” (Romans 16:20).

God is more powerful than all the rulers on earth. Do the nuclear capabilities, chemical weapons, and military strength of other countries frighten you? We do not need to fear. The prophet Isaiah writes, "All the nations of the world are nothing in comparison with Him. They are but a drop in the bucket, dust on the scales." (Isaiah 40:15)

We need not fear that any one person or nation will put God to the test. He is so far above our earthly governments that they can do nothing outside His power. No ruler or army can change any plan that God has made.

God is also infinitely more powerful than Satan and his evil legions. God is not intimidated by the devil's rebellious hatred. God is the Creator; Satan is a created being who can operate only within the prescribed limits God places on him.

The Book of Matthew records Jesus' encounter with two men who were demon-possessed. The demons immediately recognized the Son of God's power by saying, "Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?"They requested that He let them go into a nearby herd of pigs. He said one powerful word – "Go!" And they did. In response, the pigs ran over a cliff to their deaths. (Matthew 8:28-32, NIV).

As Christians, sometimes we feel that the forces of evil have the upper hand. But our almighty God fights for us. How encouraging it is to know that God is all-powerful!

Your View of God Really Matters ...

What do you fear most? Where has evil touched your life? If you really believed God was all-powerful, what impact would it have in this area? Today, choose to find true freedom as you rely on God's power rather than your own.

Because God is all-powerful,
He can help me with anything.

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